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In this moment

The 2018 Winter Olympics is currently in full swing. The flu epidemic continues to sweep through the US. The government battles shutdown and the country is divided over immigration. And over here, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we're busy playing in the mud and holding puppies. Because those activities are a whole lot more fun than getting caught up in politics or propaganda. Although, I do think my boys could make an Olympic sport out of slogging through the mud. And I'm probably due some sort of medal for doing their laundry afterward. I've been asked the obvious question about what we're doing with the puppies. And my answer is pretty simple: I don't have a clue. For the moment, we've named them because every puppy deserves a name even if eventually someone will come along and rename him. I'm going to share the names we've chosen …

More babies

Our Siberian had pups over the weekend. It was a grand and much-anticipated event. Her very attentive husband, our Great Pyrenees, Yeti, was so nervous for the days leading up to the birth. You probably think I'm kidding, but I'm totally not. He paced and hovered and made a general nuisance of himself and when Xeva didn't respond favorably to all his worrying, he sought his humans out for comfort. And when Yeti seeks comfort from his humans, it's a consuming situation. He gets all up in our faces, tries to get on our laps, and insists on keeping his paw on at least one of our hands or feet. He's overwhelming on a good day. On an especially worrisome day, he's unbearable. His wife being in the family way and so close to delivery was clearly especially worrisome to him. We imagined he was fretting over how he'd provide …

Family Worship: Making time for it and how it looks in our home

Slipping out of bed when the sounds of sleep and the quiet darkness of night still linger isn't the easiest thing I've ever trained myself to do. To get up for a paycheck is one thing, but to drag out of the coziness of bed is quite another when nobody is holding you to it. I'm a lover of sleep. I'm a fan of my warm covers. I'm all for that extra hour of rest. And yet I know there's a special gift awaiting me each morning as the God who sustains me stands ready to hug me in greeting by filling me for the new day. That filling is worth the effort of getting up. It's worth the $7 I had to spend on a louder alarm clock when my current one was no longer penetrating my deep sleep. And it's worth learning a discipline that doesn't come naturally to …

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