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  • teenage girl on motorcycle smiling

        I’m a skeptic. Like, a for real skeptic and it seeps over into my prayer life. I will faithfully pray for something that I don’t believe will happen. I can identify so much with the father who brought his sick child to Jesus and cried out, “Lord I believe; help my unbelief!” in

  • Winter mud puddles nature walk

    The 2018 Winter Olympics is currently in full swing. The flu epidemic continues to sweep through the US. The government battles shutdown and the country is divided over immigration. And over here, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we’re busy playing in the mud and holding puppies. Because those activities are a

  • Great Pyrenees Dog with Puppies

    Our Siberian had pups over the weekend. It was a grand and much-anticipated event. Her very attentive husband, our Great Pyrenees, Yeti, was so nervous for the days leading up to the birth. You probably think I’m kidding, but I’m totally not. He paced and hovered and made a general nuisance of himself and when

  • family worship ideas for getting started

    Slipping out of bed when the sounds of sleep and the quiet darkness of night still linger isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever trained myself to do. To get up for a paycheck is one thing, but to drag out of the coziness of bed is quite another when nobody is holding you to it.

  • how to memorize scripture for adults and children

    A few years ago we decided we needed to put more focus on Scripture memory work. We’d always sort of done it but not with the intentionality that we wanted. I’ve tried various methods with my family and somehow we’d always get stalled out or we’d forget what we’d learned. It felt futile to even

nature walk winter child
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