her heart, my skirt

“Your skirt is so cute!” she said, pulling her cart in behind mine. “I’m stuck wearing maternity clothes still because my pre-pregnancy stuff doesn’t fit and I can’t afford a new wardrobe. It’s almost depressing.”

She glanced down at her baby, who couldn’t have been more than a month old. I was holding my own little guy who was nearing 11 months and almost laughed right out loud when she described my ratty skirt as ‘cute’.

Feeling brave and wanting her to know the truth, for both her sake and mine, I lifted the bottom hem of my shirt up just a little.

Just enough to reveal the maternity panel that stretched across my tummy. I saw her eyes twinkle as her pretty face broke out into a grin.

Because the realization that we’re all far more alike than we think, is a thread that binds us in solidarity.

Or at least it should.

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