it’s time to BE the change

Here is the reason I don’t like getting caught up in the issues of the day…there is absolutely no way to support the killing of babies…born or unborn…while claiming the name of Christ. It simply cannot be done.


We can lie to ourselves and pretend we’re protecting the too young, the unwed and the victims of rape. We can be ridiculous and pretend we believe a baby with a beating heart that still depends on his mother for life possesses no life of his own. And we can look silly while we yammer on about how most of the women who choose abortion would have made crummy mothers anyway and so we’re sparing the precious children by sniping them.

We can say all that and more but it won’t make it true. It can’t make it true.

Because young lives matter. Black, white and red lives matter. Unborn lives matter. Confused and scared lives matter. Every single human life breathed into existence matters and we ought to behave accordingly.

Obviously, however, that ain’t gonna happen. Not while the devil is on the loose, anyway.

So here’s my beef with trying to beat the evil out of a thing…it does not work. Oh, there are exceptions but as a rule when you dig a trench you’ve gotta fill it with something or the same old junk is going to slide right back in.

I’ve heard some old timer’s call it ‘the replacement principle’.

Because when you try to extract the bad you’re only truly going to succeed if you replace it with good.

The doctors who kill babies need Jesus instead.

The mothers who feel trapped and tricked into believing abortion is the only way out need Jesus instead.

The wicked counterparts bartering slain babies at PP need Jesus instead.

And we cannot give them Jesus by simply taking away the bad things they are doing. The buck can’t stop there. Not even close.

If earnest, Christ-seeking Christians would step down from their soap boxes and into real life while allowing the passion that fuels their righteous indignation to be channeled into a passionate witness for the God they serve, we will not only save lives here, but for eternity.

Christians get labeled bigots because we kind of are. We’re intolerant of *other people’s* sins while we fail to notice that our own hateful, spiteful, damaging approach to those sins only roots those sinners deeper in it while we dig our own feet in without even noticing.

Simply put, we behave in a manner that defies the gospel while trying to protect the heart of it. But sin doesn’t defeat sin. God does. Jesus did.

My friend said it well last week when he reminded our congregation that when we become a part of the force spreading the only message with any true saving power, the gospel will spread to the four corners of the earth and we will see Jesus return. The battle, which was won at the cross, will finally come to a close and evil will reign no more.

Babies will no longer die. Abortionists will no longer kill. And we’ll no longer have to sit here in a rapidly decaying, morally and spiritually bankrupt land, shaking our heads in anger and confusion as right is called wrong and wrong is wildly celebrated.

It’s time, friends. It’s time to BE the change by allowing Him to change US so we can be the hands and feet who help change THEM…from the inside out.

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