the humiliation that is motherhood

You spend years breathing truth and life into your kids and wonder if they’re listening. And then one day, this happens….

A young salesman appears on your doorstep. And because you live in the boonies, your first thought is “How did he find us?” quickly followed by your second thought which is “Is he going to rob or kill us?”

Using your best possible discernment, yet wanting to take additional precautions just in case, you shoo your kids IN the house while you go OUT to talk with the young man.

And while your little ones are sitting inside quietly waiting for mama to give the all-clear, one of them looks at the older ones with wide-eyed concern and asks…

“So, is that satan?”

It doesn’t help your case that the windows looking out onto the porch are open and that your little guys have never mastered the quiet voice. Nor does it help that just as this happens you are politely asking the guy if his books were written with a Christian world view.

Because, naturally, a mom who wants to feed her children good, Biblical literature will also have taught those children that poor college guys looking to turn a buck during summer break are the devil in disguise.


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