the most beautiful odd couple

They were the oddest couple I had ever seen. She looked like she’d stepped off the runway with her long, shapely legs and beautiful brown hair dropping nearly to her waist. But he wasn’t at all the guy I’d have expected to be at her side.

But as I watched, I realized she wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. Her eyes weren’t taking in the messy hair or drooping trousers cinched as tight as they’d go with little to show for the effort. And she obviously wasn’t seeing the ratty shoes he wore or the way he limped heavily, favoring his right leg.

She saw none of it, obviously, because she giggled like a schoolgirl and flirted with this man who I could only assume was responsible for the set of rings on her left hand.

I watched as they walked hand-in-hand into the grocery store like they were two kids headed to the fair.

And because I’m something of a people watcher, I followed them with my eyes until they disappeared from sight…which was just after I saw him kiss her hand tenderly as they smiled at each other.

I was mystified. It just didn’t compute.

But then I dared to consider him from the lens of the eyes she was seeing him through. And I quickly realized it meant looking deeper than what was lying on the surface. It meant looking for the evidences of a drop-dead gorgeous heart.

By now you’re probably convinced that I’m either a stalker or a time-wasting mom with no life of my own to look after. Hopefully, I’m neither. But I do confess to the awful habit of being determined to pull some sort of lesson from the craziest of mundane happenings. I was certain there was one draped across the shoulders of this hopelessly mismatched couple. So I began to think on all I’d witnessed since they’d caught my attention.

Admittedly it wasn’t much but it proved to be enough.

Because I’d seen him gently touch her cheek with his grease stained hands after he’d parked his truck. And I’d seen him give her a drink from the bottle he’d had cradled in his own hand. I’d noticed how, though she didn’t sit waiting for him to open her door, he did hobble around the truck to meet her as she got out. And then I’d seen how he grinned at her with that twinkle a man gets when she shut the hem of her knee-length skirt in the door.

I’d been so busy noticing how he wasn’t good enough for her that I’d totally missed how good he was TO her. And as I remembered his limp I grew certain he had quite the story. I was almost sad I’d never get to hear it.

But what I did learn was that the beauty I’d watched walk with her “beast” had chosen to love him in spite of his story. Or maybe even because of it. She’d purposed to look with her heart so she’d see what the rest of the world would never notice with their eyes.

And in so doing, she’d found the treasure she may never have known if she’d have considered herself too good for the search.

But you know the best part? When not 10 minutes later I saw them headed back toward their truck, I didn’t even notice his limp. Or the hair, shoes or grease. I only saw two people, perfectly matched and hopelessly in love.

And for what it’s worth, that was a good enough lesson for me. 🙂

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