the tiny evangelist

A few of the boys had a dentist appointment today. Sitting in the waiting room with a stern looking older gentleman (who, by the way, didn’t crack even the tiniest smile when the baby squealed at him) I was trying to keep the youngest ones entertained by talking about all they might learn in VBS tonight. With excitement mounting, the crazy blonde one said something like…

“…and we’ll learn about Jesus and God and we’ll pray and say ‘fank you that our teeths didn’t fall out and for that Daddy drives a firetruck.” And as an afterthought he added…”and we’ll be so happy about Jesus because then we don’t have to be sad.”

A few minutes later the hygienist came and called the stern faced man back. He got up to follow her and then turned around and walked over to me. He said–

“Young lady, I’m not a Christian but that little boy just about has me convinced his way is better.”

And then he cracked the smallest of smiles and went to join the hygienist.

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