to a nation in shock: remember God can use anyone

Presidential Election

I heard the ding. I knew what it meant.

Because texts don’t typically come through for me at 3am. But since I often rise around then anyway, I chose to get up and read it.

I slid out of bed, grabbed my robe and shuffled in the dark toward the door of my room. And easing my way out so as not to wake the baby (by baby I mean two year old, but I didn’t want to open myself up to the critics. we live in a small house with a lot of people. the end.) I tiptoed into the living room.

And sure enough, the text said what I expected. The election was over. At long last, the election was over.

(Let’s pause for a moment to just read that again. The election IS over. <<huge sigh>>)

But the text also contained who had conceded and who had won. I’ll admit to a pinch of surprise. I’ll be transparent and also admit I was never able to wrap my mind around either candidate. I’ll stop shy of name-calling but it seemed an awful lot like this election had boiled down not to who would win, but how big America would lose.

But something in the recesses of my mind, or perhaps of my heart, suddenly saw a very different picture. A little behind-the-scenes peek, perhaps. Just a little clarity in an otherwise clarity-less situation.

God can use Donald Trump.

GaspDid I really just say that?? Have I lost my mind? Don’t answer that, please.

Because I believe it is true. God can use Donald Trump. Just as he could have used Hillary Clinton. He simply chose not to use her as President. At least not now. Not today or in January. He looked down in His wisdom, with a plan shrouded in mystery, and said, this is the one. today I choose Donald.

And we can hear that and fear. We can grow angry. We can riot and loot. We can move to Canada or friend request Putin. We can sell all we own and head for the hills. Or we can trust that He knows what He’s doing.

This isn’t the first time He’s chosen to use an unlikely vessel. And if this vessel cracks and no good comes forth from it, that won’t be the first time, either. But this time, as in the others, there is a Potter with a careful hand. He sees the cracks and knows when to mend them.

Could it be that He also knows when the cracks are simply part of the plan?

Because on this November morning, we awake to a President Elect who’s had his own reality tv show. Who’s hosted beauty pageants and built an empire through luxury real estate and fancy casinos. A President Elect who has filed bankruptcy 4 times and mocked a reporter with special needs. The list could go on, but you get the idea and you knew it already.

My point is this: Mr. Trump is flawed. He’s a fallen man in need of a Savior. But he isn’t beyond saving. And no matter how this all shakes out, God has also determined he isn’t beyond using.

I pulled up a video online and saw Trump shaking hands after giving his speech. My breath caught a little. Because at that moment I didn’t see orange hair in a comb-over and I didn’t hear mudslinging or vulgarity. I saw a man upon whom the God of the Universe had looked down and singled out for this moment. I saw a frail human, who was the unlikeliest of leaders for one of the strongest of countries, and realized his story is only just beginning.

And no, this isn’t me jumping on the Trump Train or predicting presidential success for this new President because it may well be that we are about to drink from the very cup we, as a wandering nation, have poured for ourselves. But this is me bowing to His divine will, even when it means He has to work outside what He’d will in an unfallen world. It’s me accepting that He sees the big picture when I cannot.

And it’s me asking, no begging, you to do the same. Because God has spoken and He doesn’t make mistakes. 

Even, and especially, when it looks like He has.

Walking Redeemed

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