how i’ve battled back from anxiety and mindless eating

It started in February 2016.

A single event sent shockwaves through our home that we’re still dealing with today. It has painted and flavored things without our even noticing. It took a maddening turn for the worse when the stress started manifesting itself in my personal health by way of heart palpitations. My heart would literally race and my chest would get tight to the point where breathing was no longer mindless.


It’s a cruel and angry foe and it makes no sense to those on the outside and so I’d try to hide it. I’d slap a smile on, pretend all was well, and keep truckin’.

I know I’m not alone in this struggle. It’s a wretched world we live in (although, by the grace of a loving God, it’s filled with beautiful moments and glimpses of glory) and many, many people are struggling.

In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say, most (if not all) people are struggling with something. And in this broken place we find ourselves turning to health-damaging habits as a form of self-medication. It’s a toxic, seemingly endless, cycle.

For me, I’d stress eat. Worry, worry, eat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I wasn’t huge but I was far heavier than I should have been. My energy was low and I suffered from joint pain, body aches and even occasional migraines.

In a word, it was AWFUL.

I was slowly killing myself. Walking around smiling, laughing and joking while deep inside I was languishing. My days had no rhythm and I was barely keeping up.


Peeking in, one may not have seen it, but looking back I now know how bad things had gotten. One thing remained constant, however. I kept seeking God.


And God, in His infinite wisdom, grace and kindness, walked me into new habits leading to a new lifestyle that is bringing me out of the pit I’d found myself in.

This week, I’m going to be sharing some of that journey with you. We’re going to talk candidly about holistic health, from a Christian perspective. And I’m going to give you a peek into some of the “accidental process” that has brought me to a place where I’m healthier in both body and spirit.

Posts will include:

*How I’ve Lost 30+ Pounds (without obsessing or gimmicks)

*Ways Physical Activity Promotes More than Weight Loss

*Intermittent Fasting as a Gentle Tool for both Brain and Body

*A Peek into my Daily Routine at Home

I hope you’ll join me here on the blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram…I’ll be sharing on all three platforms.

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