Journey to a Quiet Heart

search for peace

A quiet heart.

We live in a society that is anything but quiet. Billboards scream at us, television screens indoctrinate us, and the internet beguiles us. We might describe it as distracting or stimulating but never quiet.

And yet, the quiet is what we crave. Women scramble for “me” time. Men retreat into their “nothing” boxes. Not because we don’t care but because we can’t maintain the pace. We can’t process the onslaught of life or the demand it requires.

As a people we are especially prone to dissatisfaction, dissension, and distrust. Is it even possible to live above the noise, with a quiet heart surrendered to the sovereignty of a loving God?

I’m going to suggest it is. And I’m also going to suggest that the very idea is at the core of genuine Christianity.

A tornado swept through a midwestern town, leveling much of the neighborhood where a small boy and his father were crouched from the storm.  As the house shook and the deafening sound of destruction closed in on them, the father prayed quietly while shielding his child. Their home survived the onslaught and when later asked if he had been scared, the little boy casually responded, “Nope. I kept looking at Daddy and he wasn’t scared so I knew I didn’t need to be, either.”

What an incredible illustration that little boy brought to light. Because his daddy had been looking to God for his peace and without words had infected the child with that same peace.

The father was asked what he had been feeling as nature unleashed its fury all around them. He responded, “I know the one who controls it all. I knew we weren’t at the mercy of the elements, we were in the palm of God. I knew things might not end well for us, but I also knew they’d end just right.”

Friends, that is a quiet heart.

It doesn’t mean everything will be dewdrops and roses…it simply means we know the One in ultimate control. I lived much of my life with a troubled, fretful, worried heart. I imagined problems that hadn’t even surfaced yet. I invented things to be stressed over. I lost sleep and sanity as I tried to control everything, most of which was never within my control to begin with. I earned wrinkles I’d rather give back and years were handed over to the locusts.

But God relentlessly pursues us even amidst our broken surrenders. That has been the theme of my life.

I’ve come to know God as a friend. As a help in times of trouble. As One who intends good for me when all I can see is the bad. I’ve come to know Him to the point where He directs me even as I speak. Many times I’ll be prattling away when I hear Him whisper to my heart with such power, that conviction sweeps over me. He shows me the bad fruit hanging from my branches and promises that if I’m willing to let Him do the pruning, good fruit will grow in its place.

I am a sinner and He is my Savior. The pages that follow contain my story. This book is my testimony, of sorts. It is the witness of a life darkened by godlessness, and later by a lifeless Christianity, yet redeemed by Him who patiently wooed while He waited. It is my story, and yet, it’s my prayer that it’ll speak to you.

Because from the ashes He has raised me and from my gratitude springs a desire to speak life to anyone who will hear it.

I don’t know what’s troubling you today. I don’t know what has your heart burdened or your faith shaken. But I do know the answer is the same. The way to peace doesn’t change.

Just keep looking at Daddy.

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*Note: This is the intro to my coming ebook, My Journey to a Quiet Heart.


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