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What a winter it’s been. The flu is hitting like I haven’t heard it hitting in years. I’ve been semi-quarantining us in an effort to avoid it. Levi has been illness-free for two months and I’d love to see him finish out the winter without succumbing to any of these viruses. His poor little body just needs a chance to rest and recover before he’s hit with anything and so I’ll continue my efforts to keep him healthy. God has been gracious to add His blessing to those efforts.

With this semi-quarantine comes a whole lot of stuck-at-home time. I love being home but my little guys are super social creatures and they love going and doing. There’s been almost none of that for them these past few months and so I’m trying to be more intentional about doing things with them that don’t involve crowds. Yesterday I decided to bundle them up and take them with us to the horse barn while the girls took care of the horses they’re looking after this winter.

We all worked and it was so fun!

We brushed dirt from Golden’s mud-caked body only to have him leave the barn and promptly roll in the mud. We raked and swept the barn and moved stacks of old lumber. It was like a little spring cleaning in the crisp, fresh air and it was time well spent.

Speaking of time, I’m trying to make better use of mine. I cringe when boxed in by a schedule and yet I’m finding that things just aren’t getting done and that I’m ultimately frustrating myself by refusing to submit to something more than a basic routine. So I sat down yesterday morning as part of my quiet time and asked the Lord to help me create a rough schedule. I didn’t go crazy scheduling every 15 minutes of the day or anything like that, but I put down the things that I really feel like it’s important to accomplish and I’m starting there.

Things like morning and evening family worship always happen but never at the same time. Morning chores can sometimes drag on for hours and school starts at a different time every day. I recently realized that I literally don’t know how to un-tense my muscles, especially the ones in my neck and back and I felt God nudging me to take better hold of the hours in each day that He’s given me. Because those hours have been ruling me rather than Him ruling the hours, and I just always feel like I’m running to keep up and failing in the process.

I made time for things like reading aloud and morning basket (which I have missed!) and nature walks. I even added in time for blogging  and handwork so my yarn basket doesn’t swing from sorely neglected to threatening to take over my life. Balance.

I’m heading up the Community Services program at church this year and I meet to get that established next week. I want it to be a family project so my children can be very hands-on in service oriented types of work. I feel so clueless right now, though, so I’m hoping my meeting on the 7th will be helpful. If we do it well, I know it’ll require some sacrifice of our time and energy and comfort zones. But I can’t think of a better way to help my children learn to live the gospel than to take them out to meet the needs of the needy.

Lately as I’ve been studying, I’ve been learning that the Christian experience isn’t about me succeeding in being more like Christ. It’s in me being so emptied of self that the Spirit can fill me and live out Christ’s goodness and kindness and mercy and love through me. It’s not about trying to be enough.

It’s about realizing that He already is.

How are you surviving flu season & how to you arrange the flow of your days?



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