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Newborn Pyrenees Husky Puppies

Pyrenees Husky Puppies Siberian Husky Great Pyrenees

Siberian Husky Great Pyrenees Pyrenees Husky Puppies

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Our Siberian had pups over the weekend. It was a grand and much-anticipated event. Her very attentive husband, our Great Pyrenees, Yeti, was so nervous for the days leading up to the birth. You probably think I’m kidding, but I’m totally not. He paced and hovered and made a general nuisance of himself and when Xeva didn’t respond favorably to all his worrying, he sought his humans out for comfort. And when Yeti seeks comfort from his humans, it’s a consuming situation. He gets all up in our faces, tries to get on our laps, and insists on keeping his paw on at least one of our hands or feet. He’s overwhelming on a good day. On an especially worrisome day, he’s unbearable. His wife being in the family way and so close to delivery was clearly especially worrisome to him. We imagined he was fretting over how he’d provide for so many children all at once and what he’d do if Xeva didn’t quickly regain her girlish figure after being rotund for so long. So much to think about and he’s already a worrier by nature. His sad eyes give him away.

Anyway, the children arrived on the scene beginning early in the morning. So early that Hannah and Abby lost nearly a full night of sleep because they’re very attentive midwives. Baby after baby arrived until 10 or 12 hours later, Xeva was kissing her last baby with the first hellos. She performed her motherly duties like a champ although we’ve glimpsed a flaw in her approach. She very clearly has a favorite.

For some reason she’s partial to one of the little girls. She initially took her aside and loved her up good away from the rest. But then she was particularly attentive to her even after she returned to her litter. And now, several days later, we usually find that little girl separated from the others, under mamas arm or up on her back or something. And boy is she chubby! She looks an awful lot like her papa, who is as lovable as he is overwhelming, and we have a sneaking suspicion that’s where the favoritism is stemming from. We don’t run a puppy mill and I’m not in support of breeding a dog repeatedly for the sake of earning a living, but I sure am having fun watching the kids enjoy the puppies. We just happen to be those people who plan to do things (like spay our dog) and then put them off just a pinch (or two pinches) too long. Yeti has now been relegated to the ranks of those who can no longer procreate so we’ll enjoy his puppies while we can.

I’m enjoying the slight change of pace these new babies bring. We’re in the second half of the homeschool year and it’s getting a little harder to push. The children are getting more antsy and increasingly stir crazy from not getting outside as much. I like the routine of the school day and I even crave it a little during the summer, but some days I just wish we could step away from state requirements and learn completely naturally. I’m finding that keeping my handwork close while at the table with the little ones, allows me to sneak in a few rows or rounds while they work. The feel of the yarn and the rhythmic flow of stitches being laid is somehow cathartic for me and I relax with even a few minutes here and there. Mostly I crochet since that’s what I learned first but I’m enjoying learning to knit, as well. I finally bought some circular needles and am starting my first project with them which excites me probably more than it should. I struggle, though, to find yarn in the muted shades I prefer and so I’m thinking to trying out hand dyeing undyed yarn. I’m drawn to earth tones and very, very light pastels and hope I can learn to create them myself.

Today I have a noon meeting and I’m trying to talk myself into being happy about leaving our house and the mountain. I really just want to stay home but I’ve taken on the task of getting a Community Services program up and running and I’m meeting with a man who has kindly agreed to help me find my footing. I’m excited by the prospect of an outreach ministry like this that our children can be involved in. I’m always trying to think of ways they can be engaged in service activities and this opportunity has the potential of creating an endless supply of ways they can do just that. I’m nervous, though, and the homebody in me is balking at the idea of leaving the coziness of my space but I’m eager to put some feet on this nudging from God.

I’ll just have to keep my yarn basket, or maybe a puppy, close by for when I get overwhelmed.

Little Boy Holding Pyrenees Husky Puppy

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