unbroken surrenders

About two weeks ago I shared about preparing for the foreign mission field. A lot has happened since then.

Mostly, the honeymoon phase of the process wore off, leaving us to face a reality we feel less excited about with each passing day. Also, the reality of how difficult the path to Thailand just might be has begun to hit us. Satan knows we’re weak and easily discouraged so he got to work “straightaway”, as my little boy would say.

I actually typed out a description of all the ways the devil was seeking to drain our resources so we can’t get where we’ve been called to go. But then I read back over it and felt silly. Because it became crystal clear to me how insignificant each of the roadblocks are. Anything that can be simplified down to a financial issue, isn’t even a problem. God does, after all, own all the money and I have a hunch He’s looking forward to showing us just how capable He is.

A problem, in this case would be something like if:

  • One or both of us wwas suddenly not willing to walk in obedience to this call.
  • One or both of us was resistant to selling our house or doing what was necessary to get where we’re trying to go.
  • One or both of us died without warning.

But so long as we both have breath and so long as we both have a desire to keep saying yes even when it’s easier to say no, God can handle every other obstacle. And the beautiful thing is, that’s the case in all of life, not just missionary work.

We just lose sight of that truth.

Tight budgets, empty back accounts, broken down vehicles…those things aren’t actually problems no matter how similar the symptoms feel and appear. They’re simply parameters within which we must learn to live out our faith. And honestly, that really makes them a gift. Because it’s when our hands are tied and our backs are against the wall that we realize our own insufficiency. It’s then that we most easily recognize our need.

And it’s exactly in those times when He has His greatest opportunity to shine.

If it takes us 5 months or 5 years to get to Thailand, I know only one thing – I want to be learning to live in obedience in the every day, nitty-gritty world of tiny annoyances so my life becomes so hid in Him that people can’t even see me.

I want my lips to be laced with kindness, my heart to break with His, and my soul to seek after Peace as a deer panteth for water. And I want to be ready and willing to go wherever and whenever He sends me.

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