The former things have passed away …

As I sit writing this, I’m tucked away in the only room in the house with AC. It’s 10:30 in the morning and my weather app says it’s 90 degrees outside with 62% humidity making it feel like 102.

And the neighbor girl says this is Sukhothai’s “winter”.

I haven’t had a hot shower in a month but I cringe to even think of taking one. The cool water that sprays into the center of the tubless/stall-less bathroom is amazing when your skin feels like it’s melting.

Robbie took the kids to a waterfall not too far away. A sweet American friend we made this past weekend went along and I stayed home to defragment my brain and attempt to write. Have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to put words on a page when there are voices all around me? Cause, yeah … it doesn’t happen.

So much has transpired since I last shared in this space. If you follow on FB, you likely know the basics. If not, I’ll give you a brief audio (okay, maybe it’s not as brief as the word brief might indicate. I guess I’m as wordy when I talk as I am when I write!) overview:

So that’s the long and short of it. It’s just been so long since we used this space that I wanted to update here to avoid having such a huge gap in all that’s been happening. I’ll be back in a day or so to share some ministry ideas we’ve got brewing, specifically for our teens.

AND, we’ve got a student missionary, whom we happen to know well and love well-er, coming for awhile. The antipation is mounting!

Also, the kids haven’t returned yet. I am alone for the first time in two months, I believe. Someone better send a chaperone or I may just do something crazy like take a nap.

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