My story begins 4 decades ago. Born in Germany with an Irish bloodline, yet raised in the United States, I started out life confused. 🙂 Growing up among boys, I dreamed of one day having girls. When the day finally came to have babies, however, it was boys I kept finding placed in my arms. Six of them. Six exhausting, enchanting, energetic, enigmatic, endearing, handsome, crazy boys. Along the way, I did manage to scrounge up two girls, as well. And they are exactly the balance this family needed.

Raising children into adults (my oldest two are 21 & 20) and learning my role as a wife (to the most amazing firefighter, father and friend) have been the springboard for my own spiritual journey. My heart wants all the good things for my people but nothing so much as I want to be able to present them back to the Lord. Truly, the rest is just details.

We’ve recently landed in Thailand to bring the gospel to these beautiful people. Not long after arriving, we were presented with two precious children to take into our home. We are now learning the ropes of ministering to broken and hurting children and we’re praying that God will provide the means and way to expand the work.

I’m grateful you’re choosing to spend time growing with me. And I don’t take lightly the honor of getting to share my experiences with you. I promise to be raw and real as long as you’ll promise to do the same.

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