praying for purity

The house is finally quiet for a bit. My husband took the day away from working so he could spend it with the children. Right after family worship this morning they bundled up and headed out to play in the snow. Well, the ones who were here anyway. We currently have one at college, one … Read more

christian parenting

slow days

  I love the days where I don’t have much to do. Where I can casually clean the house, settle on to the couch and read book after book to my little boys, share unrushed chats about life with my girls, hang out with my husband, and even listen for what my older boys aren’t … Read more

trust the process


Tucked away in the east is a beautiful southern state that has been caught in the grips of an arctic blast. Everything has been frozen, from our breath in the air, to pipes, roads and well-clad toes. Even our enthusiasm for the outdoors seems frozen in time. The process is wearing. Strangely, I haven’t hated … Read more

peace in chaos

The Mundane

My mind has been swirling. And I’ve realized that fact is pretty compatible with the chaotic behavior of my physical being. I’ll go to the kitchen to make breakfast, pull out the oatmeal and then notice the dishrag needs swapped out which suddenly has me in the laundry room starting a load of laundry just … Read more