Anxiety Sickness Faith Christianity

Anxiety Isn’t Another Word for Faithless

Last week ended, and this new one began, with the need for nursing a sickling. Quinn woke up Friday night saying he wasn’t feeling too well. He is the more dramatic of the twins and so I got up and gave him vitamin c, a small dose of elderberry and then settled him back in … Read more

shame vs guilt

Guilt vs. Shame

Shame vs. Guilt. Something I’ve been thinking about lately. It seems the southeast has finally broken out of the cold snap we’ve been bound by and the children have been able to actually play outdoors. Watching them run around using up some of the energy they’ve been holding in their reserve tanks was like therapy … Read more

anxiety and motherhood: ways i’m learning to cope

I’m a worrier, by nature. I have friends who seem unphased by the stresses of life. Who roll with the punches and stroll through the years, undeterred by the unknown. I, sadly, am not like those friends. I’m the mom who sat up staring at my new baby, afraid he’d stop breathing. I’m the one … Read more