another Wave of Grief

I’m just naive enough to not have seen it coming. I knew he needed to leave. Either the timing or the calling wasn’t right for him. His heart wasn’t here and his mind was consumed with the challenges ahead of him once he returned to the US without us. At 18, there’s no telling what’s … Read more

Christian Homeschool Schedule

Quarantine and Scheduling

What a winter it’s been. The flu is hitting like I haven’t heard it hitting in years. I’ve been semi-quarantining us in an effort to avoid it. Levi has been illness-free for two months and I’d love to see him finish out the winter without succumbing to any of these viruses. His poor little body … Read more

Christian Christmas

A Revised, Child-Approved Plan for Christmas

Christmas. He walked through the house adding splashes of twinkling lights to every surface he could string them across. The tree decorations that had been abandoned in the living room during the post-hospital chaos would suspiciously appear hanging from green branches on this side and that throughout the day. Deep full breaths may have been … Read more