how to maintain regular family worship (even when it doesn’t feel worth it)

  Morning and evening, every single day, it is the same thing. We gather our children for family worship. Bodies, big and small, fill every soft surface in our living room. The small ones set aside their wiggles for a few minutes because they have been trained to. We have their attention and the time … Read more

listening when they’re ready to talk: mothering teens

My two oldest boys returned from spending a few hours with good friends the other night and planted themselves on my bed where I was reading. They shared about their evening and we drank in the smell of a coffee scented candle they’d bought. (For the record, I hate the taste of coffee but love … Read more

from hopeless to hope-filled: a testimony

**Originally published on the Walking Redeemed Facebook Page.. For several months I’ve been corresponding with a girl I met through this page. She is a wife and mother of two and her story is one of the most inspiring examples of redemptive love I’ve ever heard. A few weeks ago I asked her if she’d … Read more

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