large family journey to thailand mission field

Literally hearing God’s voice

It’s a real thing. Sometimes every hour seems to hold some new message from God. Because I’ve realized that if I want to hear God’s voice, I have to be listening in the right places. Yesterday, I was coming off a hard day of discouragement. Early in the morning, I sat with my Bible open, … Read more

handknit hat mittens winter play

grieving the Missionary call

A missionary call that doesn’t look how I expected. The afternoon was quiet. The girls were gone to the house of friends helping with yard work. The only “older” boy still living at home was gone to the Y and then to his brother’s house for the evening. The three little boys were outside working and playing and imagining. They’d been … Read more

Anxiety Sickness Faith Christianity

Anxiety Isn’t Another Word for Faithless

Last week ended, and this new one began, with the need for nursing a sickling. Quinn woke up Friday night saying he wasn’t feeling too well. He is the more dramatic of the twins and so I got up and gave him vitamin c, a small dose of elderberry and then settled him back in … Read more

Christian Homeschool WInter Nature Walk

Homeschool or Otherwise

I’ve been homeschooling for over 15 years (20, actually, if you start with the birth of my first child which is honestly when homeschool begins) and I’ve never yet perfected the art. Every year is a little different from the last, every child a little different than the next. I don’t have a favorite curriculum or a … Read more

Post about growing up Christian

On growing up

They’re growing while we aren’t looking. I was sitting, tucked in the midst of my yarn while stealing a few moments to enjoy creating with my hands in the relative quiet, when his small head appeared. His little hand rested on my knee. “Mama, can I sit wif’ you right now?” I knew only a … Read more

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