how i overcame joint pain and body aches…with exercise

Ever crawl out of bed with a stiff neck and aching back and then offhandedly blame your mattress or the way you slept? I know I have, many times. But what if your mattress really wasn’t to blame? And what if the cure was not only cheaper than buying an expensive new bed set, it … Read more

anxiety and motherhood: ways i’m learning to cope

I’m a worrier, by nature. I have friends who seem unphased by the stresses of life. Who roll with the punches and stroll through the years, undeterred by the unknown. I, sadly, am not like those friends. I’m the mom who sat up staring at my new baby, afraid he’d stop breathing. I’m the one … Read more

how I’ve lost 30+ pounds (without obsessing or gimmicks)

I feel like I should preface this post by saying I don’t think one’s weight should ever be allowed to define them. And I don’t want to put an unhealthy emphasis on a number. Most of us know whether or not we have weight to lose, and we also know when the weight we’re carrying … Read more

how i’ve battled back from anxiety and mindless eating

It started in February 2016. A single event sent shockwaves through our home that we’re still dealing with today. It has painted and flavored things without our even noticing. It took a maddening turn for the worse when the stress started manifesting itself in my personal health by way of heart palpitations. My heart would … Read more

from hopeless to hope-filled: a testimony

**Originally published on the Walking Redeemed Facebook Page.. For several months I’ve been corresponding with a girl I met through this page. She is a wife and mother of two and her story is one of the most inspiring examples of redemptive love I’ve ever heard. A few weeks ago I asked her if she’d … Read more

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