how I’ve lost 30+ pounds (without obsessing or gimmicks)

I feel like I should preface this post by saying I don’t think one’s weight should ever be allowed to define them. And I don’t want to put an unhealthy emphasis on a number. Most of us know whether or not we have weight to lose, and we also know when the weight we’re carrying … Read more

how i’ve battled back from anxiety and mindless eating

It started in February 2016. A single event sent shockwaves through our home that we’re still dealing with today. It has painted and flavored things without our even noticing. It took a maddening turn for the worse when the stress started manifesting itself in my personal health by way of heart palpitations. My heart would … Read more

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Quitting is NOT an Option: lessons from a 5K wherein i was humbled

My birthday is in about two weeks. And it’s a big one. I’ve crested one hill and am standing at the foot of another. But that isn’t how I know I’m not young anymore. And it isn’t because my kids keep reminding me I’m getting old, although it’s entirely possible I’m unfortunate enough to have … Read more

why battered physical health leads to spiritual decay: and simple (free) ways to get back on track

Five years ago I was blessed with twin boys. Babies 6 and 7 came into the world after 17 hours of fruitless labor which ended in a c-section where the anesthesia didn’t take and the doctor didn’t listen when I told him I wasn’t numb. He made the first two incisions in spite of decided … Read more

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