Winter mud puddles nature walk

In this moment

The 2018 Winter Olympics is currently in full swing. The flu epidemic continues to sweep through the US. The government battles shutdown and the country is divided over immigration. And over here, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we’re busy playing in the mud and holding puppies. Because those activities are a … Read more

Great Pyrenees Dog with Puppies

More babies

Our Siberian had pups over the weekend. It was a grand and much-anticipated event. Her very attentive husband, our Great Pyrenees, Yeti, was so nervous for the days leading up to the birth. You probably think I’m kidding, but I’m totally not. He paced and hovered and made a general nuisance of himself and when … Read more

Christian Homeschool Schedule

Quarantine and Scheduling

What a winter it’s been. The flu is hitting like I haven’t heard it hitting in years. I’ve been semi-quarantining us in an effort to avoid it. Levi has been illness-free for two months and I’d love to see him finish out the winter without succumbing to any of these viruses. His poor little body … Read more

trust the process


Tucked away in the east is a beautiful southern state that has been caught in the grips of an arctic blast. Everything has been frozen, from our breath in the air, to pipes, roads and well-clad toes. Even our enthusiasm for the outdoors seems frozen in time. The process is wearing. Strangely, I haven’t hated … Read more