In the interest of full disclosure…

I write because I love to. I’ve been at it, to one degree or another, for nearly 7 years. I haven’t gotten rich off it yet and I don’t expect to. I’m not even trying to, honestly.

But there are expenses incurred when maintaining a blog. For me it’s a ministry; for my family it’s something of a sacrifice. For that reason I have taken subtle measures to monetize this website. What does that mean for you? I’m glad you asked, because I think you’ll like it.


I recently released one eBook, 31 Days of Praying Scripture Over Your Children, which is now also available in print!) and I have renewed inspiration for several others. This means you can expect to see me share those books with you here with the option to purchase.

Our Handmade Shop

My girls and I work in yarn, soaps and candles. My husband and one of the boys works in photography. And my firefighter, superDad of a hubs also works in wood. We have combined our skills and decided to work them into a family “business” of sorts but operating an online handmade shop. Your support is appreciated beyond what words can express.

Our Book & Tee Shop

Here is where you’ll find the shop where we stock the book mentioned above, 31 Days of Praying Scripture Over Your Children, as well as the companion items. But because we love a pop of inspirational fun in our modest-wear, we also have a line of faith-based tee shirts and sweatshirts.

Affiliate Links

Honestly, I don’t use a ton of these. Probably because I’m a lazy blogger. But when I do, you can be assured I’m linking to a product or service because I have personal experience with it and highly recommend it. Shopping through an affiliate link means you’re helping support this blog because I will receive a small kickback without costing you a penny extra.


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