Here are a few fast facts and frequently asked questions:


How many kids do you have?

We have eight children, by design rather than by plan. Our children are currently ranging in age from 20 down to 3. Three boys (Micah, 20; Nikolas, 19; Alexander, 17), two girls (Hannah, 15; Abigail, 14), followed by three more boys (twins Levi & Quinn, 7; Zachary, 4). 


Don’t you know what causes that?

Yes, actually. Thank you for asking. 😉


Do you homeschool?

We do. Our oldest two are homeschool graduates and one of them went on to University and earned a 4.0 in his first year. We did absolutely everything wrong as homeschoolers. I’ve never attended a convention (not saying I wouldn’t enjoy doing so!), I don’t collect curriculum or experience excitement when the catalogs arrive in the mail. I always, always feel like I’m failing and never, ever feel like they’re getting enough. And yet, God honors our efforts and stands in the gap.


What curriculum do you use?

Firstly, we use the Bible. A relationship with Christ is the cornerstone and character is paramount. We are faithful to gather the children for morning and evening worship where we disciple their hearts to know and love God. We teach them the importance of confessing our wrongs to one another and to Him, and we encourage attitudes of gratitude. We focus on Scripture memorization but also on hearing the voice of the Spirit through the Word of God.

Secondly, we use living books, nature, life skills, and household chores to train them up with the knowledge they will need for life. We help them find employment with people near to us where they can be a help and also earn a modest wage. But we stress the importance of serving others without expecting anything in return.

Finally, we’re currently using many of the resources from Schoolhouse Teachers {<– affiliate link} (which is ridiculously affordable, btw) for our students in 12th, 10th, and 8th grade. And for our second graders we use a variety of resources but this year we’re largely utilizing Simply Charlotte Mason. {<–NOT an affiliate link} We do tons of reading aloud, and we incorporate narration, hymn study, artist and composer studies, nature journaling, math, Bible-based history and, of course, Scripture itself. Our four year old, while he absorbs much through osmosis, is currently majoring in the art of self-control. He definitely hasn’t mastered it yet. 🙂


Have you considered writing a book?

Yes. I have one started and I’m hoping 2018 is the year I finish it. I did put together the ebook 31 Days of Praying Scripture Over Your Children with the help of my friend, Honey, and it’s now also available in PRINT!




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