Spiritual Applications for Parenting: Learning to Pray Scripture

Are you stagnating in your parenting as well as your spiritual life? Do your prayers seem stale, dry, and lifeless … as though they’re bouncing off the ceiling? This class is designed to change all that!

Learn easy, yet life-changing tips that will propel you toward growth in your Christian experience and awaken within you a desire to parent according to Scripture. Scroll down to enter the course or keep reading to find out class details.

What you’ll learn …

√ How to identify the true need of both you and your child/ren

√ How to prepare for the (correct) battle

√ How to grasp the power and invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into your prayer life and parenting

√ How to assume an attitude of prayer and then walk in it through the trials and testings of the day

√ How to effectively study Scripture so it becomes living rather than just head knowledge

√ How to claim Scripture with power and conviction and how to pray it over your children

√ And finally, how to put it all together in a practical, usable way.


How to get started …

Are you ready to embark on a 7 day journey that will take you off the spirtual desert island you’ve been stranded on? Click here to enter the session where we look at Spiritual Applications for Parenting: Learning to Pray Scripture.