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Are you wanting to learn to pray for your children with the power that comes from knowing your prayer is in accordance with Scripture? This is parenting at the “next level”.
Have you tried putting Scripture to memory only to find it doesn’t stick long term? Or maybe you’ve lost your motivation under the weight of overwhelm. This course will give you a foothold as it offers tips, tricks and a plan for tucking those verses into your mind as well as your heart.
Diets don’t work. Pills wreak havoc on our health. Toxins are everywhere and everything suddenly seems to cause cancer. It makes a person want to throw up their hands and just accept those extra pounds, sluggish days, and the onset of illness as the years pass. Or is there a better way? 
Looking for a quick, meaningful, and applicable book of the Bible to dig into as you get your feet wet with more in-depth study? This session goes chapter by chapter through the incredible book of Hebrews with commentary and lesson questions.

All the above courses will be made available throughout the next 30 days. Get started with Spiritual Applications for Parenting: Learning to Pray Scripture and we’ll unlock the next sessions very soon!

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