Why Join the Study Hall?


Life moves so fast that it feels hard to keep up. Relationships slip, poor habits sneak in, and time flies right by. 

I was baptized at 18 but I don’t so much have a “conversion” experience as I have a conversion story that has spanned two decades. A story that continues to be written. As my relationship with God grows, my understanding of who He is deepens. My love for Him expands and my desire to please Him knows greater depths than I ever imagined it might.

I’m a sinner in need of a Savior and I’ve found Him faithful to save. 

I can’t sell you an experience with the living God. I can’t even loan you one. But God has laid it hard on my heart, for years now, to share my experience with you so that you might learn from it. Not looking to it as model for yours, because I’m far too fallible for that … but as an encouragement that as you pursue the Author of your very existence, you’ll find He’s been pursuing you right from your humble beginning. 

Cut to the chase … What is the cost of membership?

Absolutely, 100% FREE!! The initial thought was to use this as a means to help support our work once we leave for the mission field is Thailand but we now feel led that anything offered through this avenue is to be without charge. Click HERE to join now!

What will you get with your membership? I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk about that.

  • Full access to all courses, with new material being rolled as time allows and the Spirit leads.

  • Unlimited access to Bible Studies and devotional material

  • The ability to download digital products at your convenience and at no additional cost

  • Bonus access to free copies of ebooks with selected courses


Where do I start once I’m signed up?

Prayer Class
Are you wanting to learn to pray for your children with the power that comes from knowing your prayer is in accordance with Scripture? This is parenting at the “next level”.
Our maiden course has just launched! It’s called Spiritual Applications for Parenting: Learning to Pray Scripture. And it’s about so much more than the act of praying Scripture. It’s an 8 day class that walks you step by step through the process of tending to your own spiritual needs so that you can tend to theirs. And it goes without saying (or at least it should!) that as we tend to them spiritually we;ll find ourselves doing the most powerful and effective parenting we’ve ever done to this point. 
Over the next little while, we’ll be rolling out 3 more classes, all of which you’ll have unlimited access to. Scroll down to catch a little vision of what’s in store for you in the coming weeks and months, as the Lord opens the way.
Scripture Memorization
Have you tried putting Scripture to memory only to find it doesn’t stick long term? Or maybe you’ve lost your motivation under the weight of overwhelm. This course will give you a foothold as it offers tips, tricks and a plan for tucking those verses into your mind as well as your heart.
Diets don’t work. Pills wreak havoc on our health. Toxins are everywhere and everything suddenly seems to cause cancer. It makes a person want to throw up their hands and just accept those extra pounds, sluggish days, and the onset of illness as the years pass. Or is there a better way?
Looking for a quick, meaningful, and applicable book of the Bible to dig into as you get your feet wet with more in-depth study? This session goes chapter by chapter through the incredible book of Hebrews with commentary and lesson questions.

We’re excited to get you started so if you feel you might benefit from anything we have to offer, we’d love to have you jump right in!

We have many plans for expansion including:

  • Integrated, searchable Bible to enhance your time on this site
  • Bible Memorization program to aide in your study
  • Digital products to coordinate with the courses for your personal use
  • And more!

Come Grow with Us!